I am singing a fairly amazing rendition of “Downtown” in my home right now. It’s s shame I’m too thick to figure out how to have a background of music on here while you read this-oh, well.  Gwenyfar ( and I demolished the lease last night via Sharpie over some Gyoza Dumplings and Green Tea ice cream at Nikki’s DOWNTOWN lalala. YAY!  This is good news. Bad news-construction is being pushed back to October 1 for a completion date-bummer.  But, the little-building-that-could is 100 years old and needs a lot of love after years of working hard as a soda shoppe and a legendary greasy spoon. DOWNTOWNlalala!

Speaking of DOWNTOWN!LALA Iwant to make sure you have all gone to Chops Deli. This place is nuts. The guys are SOO sweet and the food is delicious as is the SUGARY sweet old school orange-ade.  The only thing missing is oversized fresh cookies and brownies by your truly-but I am working on that.  BUT they are witty-they slay me.  Their menu says on the back-“Our menu is evolutionary and likely to mutate periodically.” and “This menu is edible…but don’t eat it.”  That’s funny.  You must go. Tell them I sent you.

AND, I met the new owners of the former Caffe Phoenix location-soon to be Crow Hill at the Feast of the South East Farmer’s Meeting.  It should be pretty cool!

DOWNTOWN lalalala!


3 thoughts on “Downtown!

  1. I’ll have to go and check them out…sounds yummy!! Oh wish I had known about that meeting. We gotta get together sometime since we are both local foodies 🙂

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