Tonight I had to lock myself in the sunroom. I was officially maled-out.  I put the hounds and cats in the garage and the menfolk in the living room with large plates of food and a crappy Star Trek re-run and betook my overwhelmed soul to the sunroom and SAT (yes, I sat down and I wasn’t driving-it was quite fun) with a bowl of super-ripe room temp Bolivia peaches from my friend Frankie at Pridgen Farms and a ridiculous little book-a birthday present from my brother. 

It was SO nice. It was raining big fat steady rain drops and I had juicy peaches and this book which is funny-if for no other reason than it concedes Astro vans can be spooky. How long have I been saying that? Forever.  If they filmed a Tim Burton 2010 version of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang they would use an Astro Van for the ChildCatcher’s Ice Cream trolley.  The book is Confections of a Master Baker by Gesine Bullock-Prado.  Tonight, after my break and completing all household chores I am ‘sperimenting with different biscotti flavors.  OOOH! I should make myself a fresh pot of inky caffeine deliciousness to try the biscotti in their natural environment, no?


2 thoughts on “Yeesh.

  1. Well, frankly I don’t believe that you’re sitting down.
    But if indeed you are going to be developing some fabulous new biscotti recipe later, please keep in mind my favorite flavor combination of mocha and almond, won’t you?

  2. Hey you Lady of Leisure! If you get a chance can you email me your crabcake recipe? It was the only crabcake I ever liked. Call me!

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