Change of Plan

After the Feast of the SouthEast I have now decided I will quit baking and expand my mini farm.  OK, not really, but I always love farm talk!  I made quite a few treats for the event-some of which were then ordered in bulk for the next 3 days!  So, while I’m supposed to be filling out credit apps, loans and finishing the business plan I am (gasp) BAKING!

Sugar-y Feast
Toffee Brownie Bites, Molasses Pound Cake with Pridgen Farm peaches, Nature’s Way Goat cheese bars with Lewis Farm berry compote, Raspberry Cornmeal muffins, Double PB wheat cranberry cookies

My mint and cucumbers have gone mad in this heat! Anyone for a mint-cucumber scone?? Eeeew.

Am working on a line of organic baby baked goods-muffins and teether biscuits…

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