If it hadn’t been for these, you wouldn’t have got those!


Mr. Kingsnake
Mr. Kingsnake
Snake Deflectors!
Snake Deflectors!

Yesterday, lalala ,no I will not destroy the classic Beatles song, but yesterday was my birthday!  I received lots of super presents, one of which cracked me up and the other which cracked me up and saved my butt!  My friends at Re-Eco, next door gave me these amazing pig-and-pearl earrings that they MADE! My aunt gave me these WILD galoshses. COWGIRL BOOT PAISLEY GALOSHES. Genius.  However.  There was a party pooper.  Meet Mr. Kingsnake.  Me and my galoshes and the dawgs had to summarily shoo Mr. Kingsnake who apparently thought he had arrived at KFRC.  (Kentucky Free Range Chicken.)  So, had it not been for my boots and lucky earrings I might not have been able to make the Lime Zinger cookies, the baby Peanut Butter Bites and Goobers-chocolate covered peanuts wrapped in peanut butter cookie dough and baked!  P.S. The people who left the sign about vegan goodies on the shop? We’ll have a vegan, spelt and gluten free selection!

Made for me by Re-Eco!
Pink Pig Party!Eat Me!



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