cooler door on far left
I told you I take bad pics!

oh lonely salad barSaturday, my charming husband and his long-suffering friend Bob went down to the un-airconditioned space to salvage the walk-in cooler door and a very, very old salad bar. My vision is to mount the cooler door-a really cool-looking wooden door-atop the salad bar for my cash register counter! The items were slated for the dumpster, but as the pics show they have lots of years left in them yet!  The space looks 1000 times different then it did as Liverpool Deli.  They have completely gutted the inside, taking it down to the original brick walls and awesome tile floor.  The layers revealed some super funky old wallpaper that could not be salvaged, but we did get some good photos. Everything we could find about the walk-in door points to the early 1900’s which is awesome!  During the clearing they found a bank of skylights across the backwall that had been long covered up. Now the building is coming back to life! It’s definitely a she.  She’s very happy that Gwenyfar and family have purchased her and are going to lovingly restore her to her former glory.  Peek in the window next time you go by…


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