You’ve heard of a sugarbowl-how’s about a dustbowl?

assorted sugar-y things


Unearthed some nifty treasures in the attic of our new “old” building today!  The husband and I are completely covered in dust, probably asbestos and some mass quantities of lead paint for good measure.  Funky old napkin holders, cafe’ style coffee mugs…it was great! And, despite the building approaching 100 years old, it feels really happy in there! No negative spirruts zipping around-this is a good thing since I will be spending a late night-early morning in there makin’ the dough. HAHAHHAH! So many double meanings there-funnneee!

Had to churn out some teacher gifts-decided to play with some recipes as their gifts-everthing tasted yummy but the pics are pretty sad-use your imagination!  I bake-not photograph!

Toffee Cream Brownies Raspberrry Fudgies Cream Cheese Nutmeg Pound Cake Brown Sugar Cooky Chews


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