All Sugared Up!

Because I have so much free time I decided to invite my nearest and dearest to help me embark on my dream project-opening a mini-bakery inside of a classic used and rare bookstore in a 100 year old building in Downtown Wilmington, NC.  You, dear enraptured reader, are going to help me juggle a 12 year old, an 11 month old, a darling husband who counts as a 3rd child, a 4 month old bloodhound mix puppy, a super-stalker German Shepherd, Mr. Petunia and Mr. Stinky-felines extraordinaire, and 7 feathered fowl while we continue managing Great Harvest and opening up Sugar on Front St.!

Should be good! We’re going to test recipes, learn about the ins and outs of small business, occasionally post pictures, cry, gain weight, and hopefully end up slightly sticky but open by Labor Day!

Am I narcissistic? Nope, but I know people who like to eat and I know that you guys will comment and give me all the additional ideas and honesty that a second set of eyes and ears can provide!

Here we go…


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