Whoop up on Wednesday for a Marvelous Monday!

CYBER SALE!!!! For all your food-centric relatives or hard to buy for friends we are having a SUPER SALE!! You MUST ORDER BEFORE 8 P.M. WEDNESDAY EVENING!  These orders are to be shipped out on Monday or picked up in-store, on Monday. You may order via FB, email or the shop phone. Contact information below!  The following shipping specials and in store specials are being run:


“My family is NUTS” box $25.00- One bag each of our signature Sugared Pecans and BBQ Pecans and 2 Gingerbead Men with your customized enclosure card. This price covers shipping via UPS anywhere in the continental USA. Ships out Monday.

“Christmas A-plenty” box-$75.00-all three types of our Pecans, Cheddar Pigs, Jam Bars, Christmas Coffee, Gingerbread Men, Fruitcake, Biscotti, Apple Cider Granola, Reindeer Food, Sugarplum Pound cake and a handfelted-locally made Santa Claus make this an amazing box of gracious goodness for a favorite friend, relative or office. This price covers shipping via UPS anywhere in the continental USA. Ships out Monday


Christmas Carol Cupcakes-an excellent office or teacher gift-show up with a box of a dozen of our assorted cupcakes all festively decorated and in a be-ribboned box $17.00 (ordinarily $24.00!!)

Cheddar Pig Parade-for the pig-lover in your family-our best selling cracker-2 dozen for $14.00 (normally $16.00) CHEDDAR PIGS ARE NEVER ON SALE-ASK ANYBODY!!!



Below please find our contact information and the current December menu. We will be open from Thursday, December 11 every day through Christmas Eve when we will close at 4. We will reopen the Saturday after Christmas and have a New Year’s Eve menu to join you in ringing in the New Year!




p.s. if anybody asks I want a reindeer for christmas. thanks.

30 Days of Joy Hath September!

I have figured out the whole beach-instafriendship equation! It’s like summer camp for grown ups!! We are the counselors and each week we have new campers that we are instantly enamored with and form friendships with, so that we are excited to see them the next year! Some campers this year were returning campers, others were new and some came to camp for several weeks! Parting isn’t quite so hard though-because we ship so nobody has to go without!

(And no, there is NO reason to compare the classic Parent Trap with that mess Disney tried to recreate years later. Blech.)

Of course it is time to change the hours and update the menu to reflect what’s coming into season down here!  Due to threats and cajoling by the locals, we will be sticking to a 5 day schedule AND opening earlier.

New from Nye’s this month-Blackberry Cobbler and Latte! The Latte ice cream sandwich is pure genius.

Speaking of lattes…Shawn, Logan and Tanis will be attending latte school this month so soon they will be slinging chai, espresso and dairy in specific 27 second intervals. We are going to be using all organic coffees from our beloved Java Estate and making our own hot chocolate blend that will make you grin!

Again, the Muscadine Festival is coming up and we will be in attendance (http://www.muscadineharvestfestival.com/).

That Sunday, the 28th, we will be having another Logan Smith Art Show! It’s been three years so Mr. Smith has had time to build up a fair collection of intriguing pieces. This show will be combined with cider, punch, wine and samples of our holiday fare! We look forward to seeing you. An email and mailer will go out with the specific times on that day.

This month we will also be taking our annual apple trek and taking orders once again. The list will be at the bakery of what apples are available and when you will be able to expect them.

It really was a spastic and fantastic summer and we thank you all for indulging your sweet tooth, embracing you inner bread loving self and coming to interact with the ever-amazing talents of the Tanis-Shawn counter show. NEVER A DULL MOMENT.

September Hours (NOTE-We will be closed from Sunday, September 7-Wednesday the 10.)

Thur-Fri 9-4

Saturday 10-4

Sun 10-4


Happy Mother’s Day and G.O. Day!


Happy Mother’s Day to all my friends who were crazy enough to have children!!  What were we thinking? What were our mom’s thinking?? Do not answer either one of those questions, please.

The shop is coming along nicely-below is the view from my oven-so bright and sunny!! No more mole hole for me!  We are setting a Grand Opening Date for Thursday June 6th-and having the party continue all through the weekend-we were going to say Saturday but that’s a Market Day-so…

I am so excited for you to see all the wonderful new things we have!! Mrs. Ruth (http://mrsruthjams.com/mrsruthjams/Welcome.html) went crazy and our jam selection is HUGE! We have local honey coming in from Nature’s Way and Ti Wind Apiaries, Green Family Farm (http://greenfamilyfarms.webs.com/) made us some beautiful soaps and awesome koozies, and the shelves are groaning with pickles from Angela (http://angelasppf.com/) and sauces from Rum Island (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Rum-Island/162193677152817)!!! Jess Demaria has made some amazing new art (http://www.etsy.com/shop/roboticrelative) in the form of highly collectible greeting cards and we will have the most adorable earrings from Re-Eco (http://www.re-eco.com/reeco_website/Fashion_2.html) AND we have our new t-shirts, tank tops and mugs!!!!  Plus coffee from our friends at Java Estate and Brown Dog Coffee Company (http://www.browndogcoffeecompany.com/) available by the pound.

On top of which I have SO MUCH MORE ROOM TO BAKE!!! So there will be more cookies, pies, scones, muffins, pigs, pecans, granola AND we have 2 of our very own custom coffee blends available NOWHERE else! We also have smoothies now made from only the bestest fruit and using Greek yogurt and MOCHA SHAKES!!! As Connor says, “It’s gonna be amaaaaazing!”

So you can knock yourself out stocking your shelves with locally made treasures and then I will pack you a box of treats and make you a frosty drink and show you a set of wooden steps that you can traipse over to enjoy your indulgences on THE BEACH!!! And there is FREE AMPLE PARKING! Nary a meter maid in sight!!

And did I mention we have selection of vintage cookbooks?????

So-again-Happy Mother’s Day to you hard working Mommies-I hope your day is filled with love and appreciation and something yummy!! See you tomorrow at the Wrightsville Beach Farmer’s Market (http://www.townofwrightsvillebeach.com/Departments/PlanningParks/ParksRecreation/FarmersMarket/tabid/157/Default.aspx)!


mom mug 001


Durham Bullsh&^% 028











It is REALLY December…that’s nuts!

random...2012 017imagesblogimagesCAQFYT7HimagesCAOREDJCimagesCAGSQCVZIMG_2328Shawn bday 018IMG_2342imagesCADV2G0TDEC specials 001imagesCATFSYS5imagesCACGT553Gluten Free Goat Cheese Almond Tarts and Gluten Free Apple Nut Tartsapple butterWe all know I LOVE glitter. And baking. And family. So CLEARLY I am straight outta control in December! The shop had been poofed with snow and slathered in glitter as ’tis befitting December! I have a wonderful selection of vintage ornaments, pickles from Angela (http://angelasppf.com/), beautiful goat’s milk soaps in snowflake and gingerbread man shaped from Green Family Farm (http://greenfamilyfarms.webs.com/), Apple Pie and Winterberry Jam from Mrs. Ruth’s (http://www.mrsruthjams.com/mrsruthjams/Welcome.html) and our sauces from Rum Island right here in Atkinson, NC!  Not to mention our exclusive Jingle Bell coffee that will only be available the last 2 weeks in December!

Not that I am a big quoter of quotes, but for the first time in 14 years, I am going to be OFF on Christmas Eve!!!!! I am so excited! So, as usual, please order ahead for any or your personal items, teacher gifts, corporate gifts,etc…last day for pickup will be Sunday, 12/23. 

The last week of December I will do a recap of the year blog. I have some great gossip, some high humor and a tear jerker! If you have any favorite anecdotes or photos from this year-send them in so I can have them ready to incorporate at the end of the month!  Merry Merry Christmas-see you soon!

—December Dessert Decisions—

Cherry Pie $16.00

Apple Pie $16.00

Pecan Pie $17.00

Pumpkin Pie $14.00

Chocolate Bourbon Pecan Pie $18.00

Kahlua Cake $28.00

Really Rum Cake $28.00

Cranberry Orange Pound Cake $6.00

Gingerbread $6.00

Gingerbread Man/Woman $4.00 each

Classic Cherry Cheesecake $28.50

Candy Cane Cheesecake $27.00

Caramel Apple Cheesecake $27.00

Peppermint Bark Brownies $2.00 each

Cookies Trays $8/$16/$24

Pumpkin Maple Toffee Cake $30.00

Lemon Coconut Cake $30.00

Triple Chocolate Cake $33.00

Carrot Cake $33.00

12 Layer Chocolate Cake $45.00

8 Layer Caramel Cake $35.00










Top 4 things to ask your Pie Baker this Thanksgiving!

Have you ever seen the wedding planners where they give you a checklist of things to ask your cake baker? Well, I’m composing a similar guide for your Thanksgiving pie baker! Now there are a few rules you MUST adhere to:   #1 NEVER ask an in-law, your sister, mother or neighbor ANY of these questions                             

                       #2 If you are getting your pie from a grocery store, Sam’s, Costco, Wal-mart don’t bother asking.

Here are the questions:        #1 What kind of fat do you use in your crust? Any baker worth their flaky crust will have an absolute favorite AND some alternatives for specific tastes. Butter, lard, Crisco and blend of butter and lard…you get the picture. 

                                                                                                        #2 Do you make the top AND the bottom crust?  Surprisingly a lot of people buy pre-made bottoms. While not a terrible thing, per se, you shouldn’t pay premium prices for shortcuts. 

                                                                                                       #3 Is the fruit fresh, canned or frozen and are the pecans local?  If the answer is canned fruit you are better off getting a pie from the freezer section of Harris Teeter and baking it off.  Flash frozen apples aren’t bad but don’t hold a candle to fresh apples.  Why not local pecans? It’s a huge NC product! 

                                                                                                      #4 Are the spices for my pie freshly grated, hand-mixed or is it a canned “pumpkin pie spice blend?” Fresh spices make a huge difference in baking! Fresh grated nutmeg is a treat of the gods! The pre-packaged spice mixes are probably like the candy that used to be in my Grandma’s freezer-leftover stocking candy from 1992.  If the answer to these questions is NOT satisfactory then re-think your order or ask for a discount!

So- while this is asking a lot, this is how I do it. No shortcuts-just straight up crazytown. ‘Cuz that’s the only way to do it.

We have a gorgeous selection of Thanksgiving cards in the shop now-both locally handmade and some high-end stunners!  One of the cards is a vintage reproduction of a 1941 gentleman’s guide to turkey carving! It’s a thing of beauty but I only have 6! Turkey Carving0001

  Don’t forget to snag your Red Ape cinnamon and Singing Dog vanilla now too, for your crazy baking next week! 

Also, we are doing a fundraiser for Children At Heart http://www.facebook.com/#!/media/set/?set=a.1571773589744.46306.1697659368&type=3 selling the most amazing Hess trucks! 100% of the proceeds go to C.A.H. and all purchases over $25 is a tax deduction! Best present for little boys EVER.

And as a final good new/bad news: Good News-we are unleashing some AMAZING new technology here soon that not a single soul in NC currently has-it’s soooooooooooo cool! Also Good News-I am completely booked and over-booked for Thanksgiving! Bad news I really can’t take any more orders… So, start thinking about your Christmas orders so I can make everyone happy!  Finishing on a Good Note-this weekend we will release the details of our mind-blowing Black Friday sale! 

Happy November All!

Tiara Casual, Dahlinks.

Couple of cool things this week! We got a fab mention on the Appalachian Ridgeback website http://theappalachianridgeback.com/?p=647 which was lovely. 

We are doing cakes for 300 for the Blockade Runner’s EASTER Buffet. How, you ask, in my 10ft of kitchen with my 2 KitchenAid mixers? Well, I haven’t gotten that far yet.

Had Rims on the River-super fun.

Being a late bloomer I have just discovered, courtesy of my friend Sandy, the autocorrect website and laughed until I couldn’t see or breathe.

And, as a devotee of all things British and the late, amazing Princess Di (I even have my Di paper doll book still) we are having a high tea wedding watching  shindig! Click on your invite below.

Tiara Casual0001