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30 Days of Joy Hath September!

I have figured out the whole beach-instafriendship equation! It’s like summer camp for grown ups!! We are the counselors and each week we have new campers that we are instantly enamored with and form friendships with, so that we are excited to see them the next year! Some campers this year were returning campers, others were new and some came to camp for several weeks! Parting isn’t quite so hard though-because we ship so nobody has to go without!

(And no, there is NO reason to compare the classic Parent Trap with that mess Disney tried to recreate years later. Blech.)

Of course it is time to change the hours and update the menu to reflect what’s coming into season down here!  Due to threats and cajoling by the locals, we will be sticking to a 5 day schedule AND opening earlier.

New from Nye’s this month-Blackberry Cobbler and Latte! The Latte ice cream sandwich is pure genius.

Speaking of lattes…Shawn, Logan and Tanis will be attending latte school this month so soon they will be slinging chai, espresso and dairy in specific 27 second intervals. We are going to be using all organic coffees from our beloved Java Estate and making our own hot chocolate blend that will make you grin!

Again, the Muscadine Festival is coming up and we will be in attendance (http://www.muscadineharvestfestival.com/).

That Sunday, the 28th, we will be having another Logan Smith Art Show! It’s been three years so Mr. Smith has had time to build up a fair collection of intriguing pieces. This show will be combined with cider, punch, wine and samples of our holiday fare! We look forward to seeing you. An email and mailer will go out with the specific times on that day.

This month we will also be taking our annual apple trek and taking orders once again. The list will be at the bakery of what apples are available and when you will be able to expect them.

It really was a spastic and fantastic summer and we thank you all for indulging your sweet tooth, embracing you inner bread loving self and coming to interact with the ever-amazing talents of the Tanis-Shawn counter show. NEVER A DULL MOMENT.

September Hours (NOTE-We will be closed from Sunday, September 7-Wednesday the 10.)

Thur-Fri 9-4

Saturday 10-4

Sun 10-4


Tickle your Turkey! (WE ARE BOOKED! NO MORE ORDERS TILL 11/16. Sorry!)

I really can’t believe it’s November! Well, it’s time to roll out the Thanksgiving menu! I do love you all and don’t want you to look like our poor gal here-working her fingers to the bone so I will say it again because nobody believed me last year and I had to turn people down but YOU HAVE TO ORDER AHEAD! Once the fruits are peeled and the crusts rolled out that’s all she wrote! I still have to head home and make Thanksgiving dinner for my people!  This year the options are:

Apple Pie $17

 Cherry Pie $17.00 (cherry prices went up due to a horrible loss in Michigan!)

Caramel Apple Walnut $18.00

Rhubarb $15.00


Sweet Potato-$14.00


Bourbon Pecan $18.00

Chocolate Pecan-$18.00

Pumpkin Cheesecake with Ginger Crust-$24.00

Orange Cheesecake with Cranberry Compote and Snickerdoodle Crust-$24.00

Gingerbread-$5.75 a loaf

Triple Chocolate Caramel Cake-$33.00

Pumpkin Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting-$30.00

We also have lovely Thanksgiving cards and some wonderful jams to go with your holiday breads and leftover sandwiches!  Don’t forget to buy some bulk coffee while you are in to make sure you have plenty on hand while your company is here!

See how much easier it will be if Sugar does the baking for you? I have much to be Thankful for this year and will share a pretty incredible story with you all the week of Thanksgiving!

What’s Happening this Week!

HAPPY GROUNDHOG DAY!!!  I was sad when I realized I do not have any Groundhog greeting cards! What kind of retailer am I???  My fabulous friend Guy Pushee took some more photos of things in my shop…the super-tinkling bell courtesy of my mother and an apple-pear pie since one of my friends and business associates is a PEAR ADDICT (ahem.)  We have a few events coming up for this week-Stephanie Ellis will be here again on Friday for the CHAIR MASSAGE! She is magic.  Then-save the date-there’s a crazy cool show at the Wicked gallery that we are doing all sorts of funky Elvis type desserts for!

Lots of birthday cakes this week-enough that I actually have not had time to stop to take pics before they go out the door! I ‘ve got several coming up for Thursday so I will try my darndest to take some pics!  Some of the woes of being a one man show (believe me there are very, very few woes!) I sometimes lag behind on the technology end! However, yesterday it was-hmmm technology-taxes? technology-taxes? so sadly taxes won. 

Wrapping it up with a joke that actually happened.  My new art director (S.A.W.) came in with her sibling today and at one point she was describing someone as a cross between a babboon and a donkey. Whaddya call that? A “bab-ass.” 


New Leaf Yoga and Massage Therapy Relax and renew with chair massage on Friday 1:00 – 4:00 at downtown Wilmington’s only independent cozy bookstore/cafe/yummy backery! First 5 minutes free with any cafe purchase. $1/min. Stephanie Ellis, LMBT 7685